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What We do

Gleam is a personalized reminder service that texts your patients to confirm or reschedule their appointments. If a patient cancels, we use our innovative FlexList system to fill the newly open time slot by pulling someone off your waiting list. Gleam maximizes your time with patients, saves you the burden of spending hours on manual reminders, and helps you help as many people as possible. We are currently in development. Contact us to learn more. We would love to hear from you!

About Us

We are a health-tech startup on a mission to improve access to quality mental health care in low income communities. In the United States, 89 million Americans currently live in mental health professional shortage areas. This means that there is only 1 mental health professional for every 1,000 people who need mental health care. We aim to help overworked caregivers overcome the obstacles they face, allowing them to provide quality care to more people!

Gleam started in January 2016 as a student-led team participating in the Zahn Innovation Center’s Annual Venture Competition. We have since worked with mentors at Bank of New York Mellon, Standard Chartered, and Google.


Aashna Shah

Founder and Product Manager

Revital Schechter

Lead of Research and Development

Elnara Mikhaylova

Director of Marketing and Communications

Abhishek Samdaria

Financial Analyst

Christine Mossiah

Software Developer


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